Letting Go - Guest post by Sheryll

Hello !  My name is Sheryll. I am very new to art journaling,  but have discovered recently that this is one of the simple things that makes me happy.  My job is very stressful emotionally and psychologically and I always find myself all drained out at the end of the day.  But whenever I splash a colour into a piece of paper, the stress just melts away and somehow things are better. As I was thinking of what to share in this blog,  I began to worry myself, thinking that whatever I will be doing may not be good enough.  So, the creative block is back. I was trying to come up with something...but nothing happened.   Whenever I get stressed,  I play with my paints,  I don't have to do anything fancy, but I just tend to lay down different bright colours and somehow, this calms me down and makes me a bit more cheerful.  So, I decided to do this.