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Let's Make Our Dream LIFE Happen In 2018!

As I was contemplating where to take the group in 2018, it came to me how much of a powerful tool it could be to make our dreams finally start happening. Not only that, but how we can support one another in the process. 
So I began to focus on a plan. Gleaning what I have learned and tried myself, with wonderful results, the plan began to take shape. Eventually, after consulting both Jeni and Kelly, it was finally ready. 
L.I.F.ESo what's the plan? Most of you know that in order to accomplish anything, it's best to break it down into small, achievable steps. Most things worthwhile doing in life require faith because so often we can only see the next step and no more. This is great because so long as we just focus on taking that next step, we won't panic and be overwhelmed and therefore suffer defeat.
With that in mind I broke the year down into quarters and gave each quarter a theme. I then gave each month a topic in line with that theme. Overall the theme for 2018 spells L.I…

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