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March Magic - A Month Of Manifesting Miracles!

Welcome to March Magic! Let's make March a month Of Magic & Miracles! 
Earlier this month, as I started my morning routine of coffee, reading and meditation, a stream of thought came to me. I know when I'm about to "download" something so I quickly start writing. Pages upon pages later March Magic was born. I knew it wasn't just for me by what I had written down. It was for others who are willing to believe and commit to it. I eagerly shared with Jeni and Kelly, team members of Dream Create Journal, and they were keen to get started themselves.

The motto that came with the vision was this:

There is magic in the ordinary. Putting EXTRA into the ORDINARY every day creates EXTRAORDINARY!

This is going to be a bold statement, but I believe this is an opportunity for us to focus on ONE wish or dream in particular, no matter how big, small or seemingly "impossible", with the aim of manifesting it in a month. That or kick-starting it big time! I told you it wa…

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