Hi everyone!

This month we have been looking at working quotations into our Art. I had so many ideas for this and couldn’t settle on one. It’s been a busy month, it’s Summer! The kids are off School, my creative life as I know it has slowed down to a snail pace. It’s just the way it is, my babies come first.

However, we recently went to Edinburgh to visit family. It’s impossible to visit the city and not be inspired, there’s so much history! We went to the Museum of Childhood, a place I visited when I was young. It has a range of Children’s toys throughout the ages. In fact this is most likely where my interest in Dolls Houses began. There’s quite a few in there and they are full of detail.

I’m someone who’s always been drawn to layers, dimensions, details and miniatures. Another area of the museum that caught my eye was the dioramas. These were made up of 2D layers combined together to make a 3D scene.

When I got home again, I had totally forgot about these. Buried in the depths of my …

Charms, Affirmations, and Positive Quotes.

I actually wrote this post earlier in the year, but because it is so relevant to this months theme, I'm re-posting here. 

There was a point in my life when, as this quote by Anais Nin says;

 "The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 
 I thought if I remained in a tight bud, not taking risks, I could protect myself and my family from hurt and harm. I was wrong. So began my journey. I began to listen to my heart and took the leap to follow. I left and walked away from things that were no good for me and started to cultivate more positive friendships. I learned about the power of our words, and started practicing affirmations. I became aware of the power of thought and just how important imagination is. A faculty that we were told to stop indulging in by a certain age. So what do the charms have to do with all this and making things happen? 

 Charms and affirmation cards are a very visual and practical way to begin …

A library to fill your soul

Wow! We've been really spoilt for the past two weeks with such awesome posts from the lovely Anna and Michelle <3 now you have to put up with me for another week....hahah sorry!

Bit of a short and (hopefully) sweet one from me this week! On the basis that I'm useless and forgot to document the beginning of the you'll have to use some imagination to begin with...sorry!

When we chose inspirational quotes for our prompt for this month, it was clearly a no brainer for me.

“To live in a world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books” Manly Palmer Hall, 1928*

This is one quote that has followed me about wherever I go, both in the figurative and literal sense. It holds such a lot of meaning to me, and has helped me to realise and see the truth about what I once did (and I admit I still sometimes do) see to be a 'disability'. I don't connect with the world and the people in it…

Dreams By Anna Brim

Dreams. For me they play a massive part in my creative life. Dreams have been a recurring theme in many of my journals and I even had a 'dream' journal! I think for a large part it is because I am a creative that I am a dreamer and because I am a dreamer I am a creative. If it wasn't for constantly dreaming and letting my mind wander and go with it, I wouldn't be thinking of the next thing. I run a monthly sticker subscription kit aimed at creative planners and I also teach via my Patreon account. Every month I have to think up new things, I have to create new art for my stickers and for my Patreon collage sheets. If I wasn't thinking and dreaming I would have nothing to put out into the World.

People often ask me how I come up with these new ideas and themes. It isn't hard for me because I let myself be open to my surroundings and what is happening around me. I open my eyes, I absorb it all, I take photographs and I think. I am forever taking photographs of r…

Guest Post | Dreams and Wishes | Michelle Mills (UglyBugPlans)

Hello Lovelies, Michelle here from UglyBugPlans, I am super excited to be guest spotting here today.  I am a massive fan of the three beautiful ladies who run this blog Geraldine, Kelly and Jeni and what they are doing here with the Dream Create Journal blog and Facebook group so when Geraldine asked me if i'd like a guest spot I jumped at it (floozy that I am)!

As you know this month focus is Dreams and Wishes, I decided to create a spread in my art journal as this is where my dreams and wishes take the form of art and what I choose to do to really relax and unwind. I headed to Pinterest and my vision board and printed out a few images to represent: travel, home and work.

Whilst growing up I was always told that I was a dreamer, had my head in the clouds and was very ambitious, to this day I still daydream just as much, I can often be found pinning things to my Pinterest vision board or searching estate agents websites for farms or small holdings.. I know exactly what I'd spe…

Magical Doorways


I'm Kelly and I'm the third member of Dream Create Journal. I'm so happy it exists as creativity and documented journal work is a huge part of my life. 

I have loved seeing what everyone has created in the group so far. One of my favourite creations has been the 'Book of Me' by a lovely lady named Bianca. For my own personal reasons, the healing side of this type of journal work really spoke to me. I want to create a similar book (yep, copying haha), although for it to truly work I would have to explore some really private areas of my life. So depending how it goes, it would be selective work that I share. 

The July theme is Dreams and Wishes. When discussing this with Geraldine and Jeni, we kept returning to the magic you believe in as a Child. A theme or subject that has repeatedly popped up during my life is doorways. This can stretch from seeing a interesting door on someones house to bizarre doors like the one below. This was at my Cousin's wedding th…

Tool #2 Create Your Own Sacred Space

A sacred space is a dedicated area in your home where you can place objects which hold meaning to you and things which inspire. Ideally it need only be a small area. It is absolutely up to you where you decide this space should be. 

My scared space is beside my bed on an antique table which belonged to my great aunt and was passed down to me. On it I have my manifestation box (I will be doing a post on these next week), a candle, inspiring objects, items that were gifted to me, and all my books and journals in a basket. 

I also have my inspiration board in this corner where I can put affirmations, so they are one of the first things I see waking up.

This area should be absolutely scared and inspiring to you. It's a space where you can hold intentions, pray, go to for inspiration, be energized, keep your journals, dreams, and affirmations. It's a place where you can store your scripting journal, gratitude's, affirmations, etc. 
It's a might tool, if you can call it that, to…