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The Dawn of a New Beginning

I've always disliked the phrase "moving on" because to me, being literal I always wonder where and what exactly 'on' is. I understand the intentions and motivations behind the words, the need to find new directions in life, to leave behind what has been done. But to me, 'on' is somewhere we never seem to reach, it is as if we are stuck in a perpetual state of wanting and waiting for something or someone more, to have purpose. We encapsulated and frozen in a state of discontent. 

When Geraldine, Kelly and I were discussing the theme for this month's blog posts, I felt for me May was a month of New Beginnings with lots of different things happening within my home and wider family unit. I don't see it as 'moving on', as for me it implies dissatisfaction and discontent with my current life. That is not to say that  there are times when I've faced frustration and exhaustion with what is currently lacking - because believe me, living with a c…

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